My activities

President of GLOMEX Military Supplies

In this office, I strive to help GLOMEX MS become a respected business partner with a continuously expanding portfolio of products and services for the needs of the Czech Armed Forces and all security and emergency services operating in the Czech Republic and abroad. I primarily focus on the main modernisation projects of the Czech Armed Forces for the artillery, fire control systems, anti-aircraft systems, both short and medium range (SHORAD/MSAM), artillery combat vehicles, and implementation of unmanned reconnaissance assets. Our Company actively participates in the modernisation of the Czech Armed Forces and contributes to building its new units, such as the newly established unmanned assets battalion and cyber defence units.

Josef Bečvář
Josef Bečvář

Vice-President of the Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic (AOBP)

As the Vice-President of AOBP, responsible for the creation of the domestic defence industry strategy, I am responsible, above all, for negotiations with representatives of Czech arms manufacturers and for supporting their participation in the Czech Armed Forces modernisation projects.

President of the Jockey Club

My main job as the President of the Jockey Club is to develop the concept of horse-racing in the Czech Republic so that it can measure up to the traditional great European powers in all aspects. My goal is also ensure Czech racetracks become more widely known to the general public and, therefore, I further concentrate on marketing support and promotion.

Josef Bečvář na dostihovém závodišti v Chuchli